A Place to Belong (Blue Collar Romance Series)

Horror author Felicity Bell moves to the charming town of Oak Bend after being shunned from the last place she called home. When she walks in the door of her new rental, she doesn’t expect to find a half-naked man standing in her kitchen. There’s just one problem: Wyatt Dawson seems to think it’s his kitchen. Misunderstandings aside, her new neighbor is lumberjack hot, and his grumpiness only makes her more determined to bring a little joy to his life, even if he’d rather be left alone.

Burned by his past, Wyatt isn’t about to let the cheerful free spirit next door into his heart only for her to crush him when she flits out of town again. But with his well-meaning, matchmaking, mother on the case, these two end up spending far too much time together and things between the unlikely pair quickly heat up. It may be true what they say—opposites do attract, but only if their relationship can survive Wyatt’s interfering ex-girlfriend and Felicity’s fear of history repeating itself.

A Place to Belong is part of the Blue Collar Romance series, a multi-author series of standalone novels. Welcome to Oak Bend, where blue-collar hotties work hard and love even harder, especially when it comes to landing their happily ever after.

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A Place to Belong (Special Edition)


I didn’t expect to find a half-dressed man in my new kitchen. I really didn’t expect him to claim that I was the intruder.

It turns out his mom is my landlord, and she’s trying to matchmake us. Unluckily for me, surly lumberjack-lookalike Wyatt wants nothing to do with me. But I’ve always been too stubborn for my own good, and his grumpiness only makes me more determined to bring a little joy to his life.


I’m nursing a battered heart and a bruised ego. I’ve got no intention of opening up to the sunny woman next door, no matter how many cookies she bakes for me or how often she makes me smile.

But my family and friends are pushing me to move on, and the more I get to know Felicity, the more I like her. Unfortunately, my unfaithful ex-girlfriend is determined to win me back and I’m afraid free-spirited Felicity will flit out of town when the going gets tough and leave my heart not just bruised but broken. 

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