On the ice, college hockey star Tyler is a god, but to me, he’s a remorseless devil.

After shattering my heart and scarring my soul, he thinks he can arrogantly skate back into my life.

I’m not fooled.

He doesn’t love me; he doesn’t want a second chance.

He wants to control me.

This is all just a twisted game to him.

And I know he’s keeping secrets.

The more I resist him, the more determined he becomes to claim me.

He’s branded me as his own, scaring off any other man who dares approach.

With whispered promises and charming lies, he implores me for another shot.

The harder I push him away, the deeper his obsession grows.

Soon, I won't be able to resist him.

I’ll fall prey to the mistakes of my past... and then I fear his secrets will destroy us both.

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