It Was Always You (Little Sky Romance 3)

Dr. Avery Brown is a skeptic by nature. It’s a good trait for a scientist, but when it comes to relationships? It can complicate things. Not that it really matters. She’s too busy revolutionizing forensic science to deal with emotional entanglements, anyway. But when her breakthrough puts her in the crosshairs of a killer, she has no choice but to accept help from the only man who ever managed to worm his way into her cynical heart—and shattered it in the process.

Sergeant Gareth Wayland never got over Avery. She was his first love, his best friend. Letting her go was the hardest thing he’d ever done. So when she needs his protection, he doesn’t hesitate. He’ll do whatever it takes to keep her safe. But he’s seen how badly things can go wrong when cops blur professional lines, and he won’t take chances with her life—even if it means pushing Avery away when all he really wants to do is hold her close.

Can Gareth and Avery trust each other—and love—enough to get a second chance at happily ever after? Can he keep her alive long enough to even try?.

Note: this book was previously published as Winter Heat.

From Now Until Forever (Little Sky Romance 2)

Being friends with benefits can work… but only if you don’t fall in love…

Sophie Delaware is ready to climb out of the slump she’s been in since she ditched her lying, cheating ex. There’s no way she’ll be ready for another relationship any time soon, but a hot, short-term hookup? That’s a different story entirely. What she needs is a no-strings-attached kind of guy who is capable of giving her all the unadulterated pleasure she can handle without getting too attached. And she knows the perfect man for the job.

Cooper Simons isn’t long-haul relationship material. He’s still far too emotionally messed up from his military service to even consider getting involved with anyone. But he’s only human, and there’s no way he’s strong enough to turn down Sophie’s entirely too-tempting proposal. It doesn’t matter that she’s his sister’s best friend. It doesn’t matter that he’s still struggling with PTSD. He’s going to take what she’s offering and give her everything she wants in return—over and over again.

But when it comes time for their fling to end, will Cooper be able to let Sophie go? Will she even want him to?

Note: this book was previously published as Falling for the Veteran.

Accidentally Yours (Little Sky Romance 1)

CEO Eli Lockwood is in over his head. Running his multi-million dollar empire? No problem. Relating to his rebellious little sister who has been entrusted to his care? That’s a different story. And it’s just his rotten luck that the only woman who doesn’t seem to have trouble connecting with the kid is the one who wants to splash his life all over the newspapers. The entirely too tempting reporter is a complication he doesn’t need. Too bad his heart—and his body—can’t seem to get the message.

Aria Simons is one big scoop away from the promotion of a lifetime. Eli and his new property development in the idyllic small town of Itirangi is exactly the story she needs. So when he offers her an exclusive in exchange for her help with his sister, she doesn’t hesitate. Now all she’ll have to do is learn how to ignore her overwhelming attraction to the cocky mogul.

But when one night of passion leads to a very unexpected consequence, Aria and Eli will need to figure out if they can overcome all that stands between them and make room in their hearts for each other—plus one…

Note: this book was previously published as Summer with the CEO.

Midnight Kisses (Little Sky Romance 0.5)

It’ll take more than one perfect midnight kiss to bring these polar opposites together…

Emily Parker has loved Justin Simons for years, but their timing was never right. The fact that he was engaged to her high school nemesis didn’t help matters, either. But everything is different now. The other woman is out of the picture and it’s finally time for Emily to make a move on the only man she’s ever wanted. Surely she can convince him to open up his wounded heart once more… right?  

The last thing Justin wants is love. He’s been down that road before and has the emotional scars to prove it. The invite to his ex’s wedding? Salt in the wound. But thankfully Emily is willing to be his plus one and help him prove that he’s finally over his broken engagement. Now all he’ll have to do is ignore his sudden and overwhelming attraction to the sweet, sexy woman who seems so determined to bring sunshine and joy into his life.

Can Emily convince the stubborn grump that love’s worth the risk? Or will Justin let happiness—and Emily—slip through his fingers? 

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