One-on-one coaching to write your romance novel

Do you have a story swirling around in your head?

Do you have characters in your mind who won’t stay quiet?

Have you always wanted to write a romance but don’t know how, or need a little extra push?

I can help you bring your story into reality.

Writing a book is incredibly rewarding, but sometimes you need someone to show you the way. That’s where I come in. I can walk with you for every step of the journey, gently helping you navigate the path and avoid the potholes that beginner writers often fall into. 

Sound like something you’d like? Let’s get into the specifics of what a book coaching program can do for you.

Does this sound like you?

“I have so many story ideas but don’t know which to choose.”

“I have this brilliant book idea but don’t know how to start.”

“I keep getting stuck halfway through a story and can’t seem to finish.”

“Who am I to write a book when there are so many great writers out there?”

“I have a character, but no story.”

“I just don’t know how to get the story of my heart onto paper.”

“I started writing, but I need someone to guide me to the finish line.”

If you’ve said or thought any of the above, you’re not the only one, and I can help you.

But first, you might be wondering… just who is Alexa Rivers?

I’m a professional romance author and coach. Since 2018, I have absorbed myself in the world of writing, marketing, and publishing. I have published over 10 books and written more than 1 million words. I specialize in small-town romance, sports romance, and romantic suspense, but all romances are close to my heart. 

I have been writing seriously for the last six years, building up a portfolio of works before I started publishing. I earned a minor in professional writing from the University of Otago and I’ve studied writing techniques, story structure, and created my own story-planning tool that builds a story from a character’s emotional wound.

The romance author community is a positive, collaborative environment, and coaching is one of the ways I give back to the community that helped me grow. I love helping writers tell their stories and achieve their writing goals.

That sounds great, but what does it mean for me?


Keep you on track

I can motivate you and keep you on track to get your book done.


Planning your story

I can help you plan and structure your story, craft your plot, and get you in the best position to start writing.

Creating characters

Get inside your character’s head and find out what makes them tick so you can step into their shoes with ease.

Provide guidance

Help you through any plot pitfalls or writing road blocks you encounter.

Writing advice

Catch the habits you need to break to improve the quality of your writing and suggest how you can avoid falling into those same traps in future.


Be a listening ear or bounce around story ideas and options until you find what resonates.

What does the romance novel coaching package include?

  • Introductory 30-minute Zoom call: to understand where you are now, what your story is, and how we can get off to a great start.

  • Character-centric plotting worksheet: a free worksheet to help you build a story based on your characters and their emotional wounds.

  • Tailored advice: to help you write the story you want to tell.

  • Writing review: weekly writing deadlines where you send me up to 5,000 words to review.

  • Live calls: weekly 30-minute one-on-one coaching calls to answer your questions and work through any stumbling blocks in your story.

  • Audio recordings: of each Zoom call.

  • Priority email support: ongoing support via email.

Let’s get started!

If you’re ready to dig deep and bring the characters and stories inside you to life, then let’s leap in and make a start.

Apply for romance novel coaching for just $399 per month.

Click the button below to fill out an interest form. I will get back to you within three working days, and if we’re a good fit, I’ll organize a free 15-minute call to answer any questions you may have before we get into the good stuff.