Fighter’s Heart (Crown MMA Romance 1)

He’s tattooed, cocky, and hot as hell. The MMA superstar everyone loves to hate. Now it’s my job to clean up his image… before it’s too late.

I never meant to become the P.R. specialist for the biggest jerks in professional sports. Unfortunately, I built a reputation for turning douchebags into media darlings, and now I’m stuck.

I know all about men like Jase Rawlins and have the emotional scars to prove it. I want nothing to do with him, but my boss makes an offer I can’t refuse. My dreams are finally within reach, and the more I get to know Jase, the more I wonder if I’ve gotten him all wrong. He may be bossy and infuriating, but he’s hiding a heart as massive as his ego.

Can I trust the feelings growing between us when my career and his freedom are on the line?

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Fighter’s Best Friend (Crown MMA Romance 2)

My best friend is hot, rich, and emotionally unavailable. Falling in love with him is the worst idea ever but try telling that to my heart.

As a doctor who aced her way through medical school, I should be too smart to fall for Gabe Mendoza, a man who’s married to his MMA career. For years, I’ve patched his wounds and cheered him on, but I’m tired of hoping he’ll wake up and see what’s right in front of him. I’m ready to find someone who will put me first.

The last thing I expect is for Gabe to scare off my dates and tell me all the dirty things he wants to do to me. He asks for a chance, but with the fight of his life on the horizon, his attention is divided, and I’m scared that when push comes to shove, I’ll be left heartbroken.

Can I trust Gabe enough to fight for our happily ever after? Or was our end written before it even began?

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Fighter’s Secret (Crown MMA Romance 3)

How can I trust an MMA fighting playboy when another fighter has already broken my heart?

Thanks to my cheating ex, I’m jobless, homeless, and heartbroken. My older brother, the owner of Crown MMA Gym, offers me a fresh start on the condition that I don’t sleep with any of his fighters.

Keeping my distance doesn’t seem like a big deal until I meet Devon Green. Gorgeous, fun-loving, and charismatic, he makes it clear he wants me, but I can’t afford to alienate my brother—or jeopardize my battered heart.

The trouble is, the more I get to know Devon, the more I think he might be worth the risk.

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Fighter’s Second Chance (Crown MMA Romance 4)

Three years ago, I divorced him. Took my broken heart and left. Now I’m back, asking for something so crazy he’s almost guaranteed to say no.

I met the love of my life when I was twenty. A simple collision of gazes and I fell hard. He caught me. Kept me. Protected me. Until a devastating loss tore us apart.

Now, I need him again. Seth Isles may be built like a tank, with a track record that has made him one of the country’s most sought-after MMA coaches, but to me he signifies security. With the years creeping past, I’m ready for a family, and I can’t imagine anyone other than him as my baby’s father.

I have nothing to offer, so I’m shocked when he agrees to my outrageous plan, but the more time we spend together, the more I remember how good things used to be. Is history doomed to repeat itself, or can our arrangement lead to something real?

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Crown MMA Romance: The Outsiders Mini-Series

Fighter’s Frenemy (The Outsiders 1)

I’ve craved his love for years, but I was invisible to him. Now that I’m ready to move on, he suddenly sees me. And he won’t let me go.

As the shy, overweight twin sister of a professional cage fighter, I’m used to being overlooked. Including by the one man I’ve always yearned for. Leo ‘The Lion’ Delaney has trained alongside my brother for years. He’s all the things my brother isn’t—good, honorable, and protective. Not to mention he’s built like Goliath and tattooed to boot. It’s impossible not to want him, but he’s only ever looked at me with disdain.

Then, overnight, everything changes. My arrogant brother is revealed as a cheat and my family is even more focused on him than ever. But I’m no longer interested in playing second fiddle. It’s time to put myself first, and it all starts with proving I’m not the spoiled, thoughtless princess Leo seems to think I am. This curvy woman is about to take charge, and it seems he’s coming along for the ride.

Sparks fly, and before long I’m in deeper with Leo than I ever expected. But when a scandal rocks our fledgling relationship, will we be strong enough to hold onto the possibility of forever?

Author’s note: This is a short romance / novella with a complete standalone romance story of approximately 25,000 words.

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Fighter’s Fake Out (The Outsiders 2)

He’s wanted her for years. She’s never thought of him as anything but a teammate. When they pretend to be dating, will things heat up for real?

All I’ve ever wanted is to be is a champion female fighter, but I keep falling short. I have one last chance at redemption and need to focus all of my energy on it. Unfortunately, my sister is getting married and my crazy family are planning to set me up on a series of blind dates. The last thing I need is a guy distracting me from my big fight.

The solution? I’ll take fellow MMA fighter Jimmy Parker as my fake boyfriend to ward off any would-be suitors. The problem is, the more time I spend with Jimmy, the more I see through his cocky persona to the strong, big-hearted man beneath. When I accidentally walk in on him in the shower, I can’t deny it any longer: I want him.

But can our fake-relationship-turned-real survive my busy career and the wounds left by Jimmy’s painful past?

Author’s note: This is a short romance / novella with a complete standalone romance story of approximately 25,000 words.

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Fighter’s Mercy (The Outsiders 3)

It was supposed to be a one night stand to help me get over my ex. But then a positive pregnancy test changes everything…

When I hooked up with a gorgeous stranger, I‘d intended to enjoy some no-strings fun to get myself out of a funk. I didn’t even bother to exchange names. But when I end up pregnant, all of my plans go out the window.

Two trimesters—and zero luck finding the baby daddy—later, I run into my mystery man at a childhood friend’s wedding. Tattoo artist Mercy Caruso is even hotter than I remembered, and he promises to stand by me every step of the way. He’s kind, reliable, and almost too good to be true.

When complications arise with the pregnancy, Mercy and I decide to live together until the baby arrives. Our chemistry rekindles, and my feelings for him grow every day. But Mercy has a secret, and when it comes to light, will our fledgling relationship survive?

Author’s note: This is a short romance / novella with a complete standalone romance story of approximately 25,000 words.

Trigger warning: This story deals with a difficult pregnancy.

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Fighter’s Forever (The Outsiders 4)

Sharing a beachside cottage with my brother’s friend might be the worst idea ever, but bad never looked so good…

When I go on vacation to Cape Cod, it’s supposed to be my opportunity to finish the romance novel I’ve been writing for years. I never expect MMA-fighting playboy Tony Romano to turn up on my doorstep.

Tony needs a place to lie low while he recovers from an injury. He’s moody and vulnerable—a stark contrast to his usual fun, light-hearted self. I’m determined to help—and maybe find my own happily ever after—but commitment-phobic Tony isn’t used to letting people in.

With every lingering touch and late-night confession, I break down more of his walls. But when it’s time to return home, can our relationship survive in the real world?

Authors note: This is a short romance / novella with a complete standalone romance story of approximately 27,000 words.

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