Stay With You (Destiny Falls 0.5)

Small town firefighter Liam has been left behind by one city girl already, so he has no intention of falling for another. 

When I flew halfway around the world to find adventure, I never imagined I’d land upside down in a snow drift on my first day. Nor did I expect a gorgeous trainee firefighter to see me at my worst. 

Liam has an infectious smile and way of always making me feel seen, but it isn’t smart to fall for him. We live on opposite sides of the world, and he’s still recovering from a broken heart. 

Then tragedy strikes, and I’m forced to make a choice that might crush him and send my dreams up in smoke. 

Author’s note: This is a short story with a cliffhanger. It is the prequel to Come Back to You, the first book in the Destiny Falls series by Alexa Rivers.

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Come Back to You (Destiny Falls 1)

I’ll risk everything to win back my small-town firefighter ex. Even my life. 

More than ten years after life tore us apart, I’m back in my ex’s hometown, ready to persuade him to give us a second chance. Unfortunately, Liam isn’t convinced, and everyone in Destiny Falls wants me gone. My heart cracks every time Liam pushes me away, but I have even bigger problems. 

Someone is stalking me from the shadows, and if I’m not careful, my heart might not be the only thing on the line.  

If I leave town, I’ll lose Liam forever. But if I don’t, I could lose my life. 

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Always Been Yours (Destiny Falls 2)

Falling in love with your best friend is hard enough. Being the woman he needs as a single dad is even harder.

After a decade of pining for a small town cop who isn’t mine, a clandestine drunken marriage with a stranger, and a terrifying incident I’d do anything to forget, the past is finally catching up to me.

Someone is plotting against me, and I need Nate now more than ever. But as disarming as his rugged smile can be, I can’t seem to let my guard down. Not enough to tell him the truth. Because if he knew…he’d turn his back on me forever. 

With time running out, I’m quickly learning nothing can keep my secrets buried. And if the person coming after me isn’t stopped, it won’t just be my heart on the line.

I could lose my life.

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