Then There Was You (Haven Bay 1)

Can widow Katarina protect both her battered heart and her beloved B&B from the property developer passing through her small town? 

Katarina blames herself for her husband’s death, and now the only distraction she has from that pain is running a beachfront bed and breakfast that a big city developer plans to buy her out of. 

Katarina has no intention of selling, but something about the aloof Sterling Knight makes her determined to prove that her B&B is worth more than money can buy. What she didn’t expect, however, was to be charmed by the man beneath his prickly exterior. 

Sterling reignites a spark she thought was long dead, but no matter how tempting she finds him, she’s not willing to risk her home…or her heart. 

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Accidentally Yours (Little Sky Romance 1)

A disgraced reporter. A CEO who hates the press. One night of passion with lasting consequences.

When journalist Aria Simons’s career went up in flames, she retreated to her lakeside hometown. Now, she’s determined to redeem herself by getting the scoop on Eli Lockwood’s new property development, but the arrogant millionaire seems hellbent on stopping her.

That is, until he realizes she’s the only one who can connect with his troubled sister. They strike a deal, but they didn’t anticipate the explosive chemistry between them, or that their truce would end with a positive pregnancy test.

Eli never wanted to be a parent, and Aria is scrambling to get her life together. Can this ready-made family pull through…or will they fall apart?

If you loved the charm of Virgin River and the dysfunctional dynamic of Schitts Creek, then ACCIDENTALLY YOURS is for you.

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Fighter’s Heart (Crown MMA Romance 1)

He’s tattooed, cocky, and hot as hell. The MMA superstar everyone loves to hate. Now it’s my job to clean up his image…before it’s too late.

I never meant to become the P.R. specialist for the biggest jerks in professional sports. Unfortunately, I built a reputation for turning douchebags into media darlings, and now I’m stuck.

I know all about men like Jase Rawlins and have the emotional scars to prove it. I want nothing to do with him, but my boss makes an offer I can’t refuse. My dreams are finally within reach, and the more I get to know Jase, the more I wonder if I’ve gotten him all wrong. He may be bossy and infuriating, but he’s hiding a heart as massive as his ego.

Can I trust the feelings growing between us when my career and his freedom are on the line?

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Fighter’s Frenemy (The Outsiders 1)

I’ve craved his love for years, but I was invisible to him. Now that I’m ready to move on, he suddenly sees me. And he won’t let me go.

As the shy, plus-size twin sister of a professional cage fighter, I’m used to being overlooked. Including by the one man I’ve always yearned for. Leo ‘The Lion’ Delaney has trained alongside my brother for years. He’s all the things my brother isn’t—good, honorable, and protective. Not to mention he’s built like Goliath and tattooed to boot. It’s impossible not to want him, but he’s only ever looked at me with disdain.

Then, overnight, everything changes. My arrogant brother is revealed as a cheat and my family is even more focused on him than ever. But I’m no longer interested in playing second fiddle. It’s time to put myself first, and it all starts with proving I’m not the spoiled, thoughtless princess Leo seems to think I am. This curvy woman is about to take charge, and it seems he’s coming along for the ride.

Sparks fly, and before long I’m in deeper with Leo than I ever expected. But when a scandal rocks our fledgling relationship, will we be strong enough to hold onto the possibility of forever?

Author’s note: This is a short romance / novella with a complete standalone romance story of approximately 25,000 words.

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The King (King’s Security 1)

I’ve loved Ronan King for years, but the billionaire security mogul has every reason to hate me for the losses he’s suffered at my family’s hands.

Yet when I’m in danger, Ronan is the one who comes to my rescue. He whisks me off to his penthouse and swears to protect me.

I finally have a chance with the man I’ve always wanted. But with a sinister enemy closing in, can I stay alive for long enough to keep him?

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Unexpectedly Mine (Little Sky Romance Short Story)

Belle Baker’s new job as lone nurse in the quaint lakeside town of Itirangi seems like a dream come true. Except for one thing: her boss, the ridiculously handsome Dr. Ramsay Harding, takes aloof and demanding to a new level.

Ramsay Harding has never struggled to keep his distance from an employee, but Belle makes him want to break all of the rules. She’s his complete opposite—friendly and approachable—and he can’t help wondering whether she could ever see him as more than a colleague.

With her job on the line, and his family interfering, is a relationship between them doomed before it can even start?

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All I Want For Christmas (Haven Bay Short Story)

They’re just friends… until they end up vacationing in a hotel room with only one bed.

When Lawrence Jennings agreed to participate in a bachelor auction for charity, he didn’t realize it would involve whisking away his date for Christmas in Gstaad, Switzerland. Spending the festive season with a stranger isn’t this silver fox’s idea of a good time, so he asks his friend Corinne—who he’s always secretly admired—to bid on him.

Corinne Pride loves the idea of a white Christmas so going along with Lawrence’s plan is a no-brainer. That is, until she realizes their hotel room is a couple’s suite, complete with a shared cozy bed and a hot tub. Corinne has been happily single for years, but suddenly, she’s seeing Lawrence in a new light, and he seems to be looking at her differently too.

Will Corinne and Lawrence take a risk and explore the sparks between them before their luxury vacation is over?

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All Our Love (Haven Bay Short Story)

A collection of happily-ever-after scenes featuring Megan and Tione from Safe In His Arms. Come along for their engagement, wedding, and childbirth. Plus, see what mayhem Trevor has in store!

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