Then There Was You (Haven Bay 1)

Can widow Katarina protect both her battered heart and her beloved B&B from the property developer passing through her small town?

Katarina blames herself for her husband’s death. Her only solace is running the beachfront bed and breakfast they always dreamed of, but now a big city developer plans to buy the property and bulldoze her B&B.

Sterling Knightley has made Katarina’s landlord an offer she can’t refuse. The only way Katarina can keep her promise to her late husband is to persuade the aloof businessman to partner with her, but Sterling holds all the cards.

Katarina doesn’t expect to be charmed by the man beneath Sterling’s prickly exterior, or for him to reignite a spark she thought was dead. But no matter how tempting she finds him, she can’t risk losing her B&B… or her heart.

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Two of a Kind (Haven Bay 2)

She’s a nerdy academic with a hopeless crush. He’s a rugged outdoorsman who’s never looked at her twice.

Brooke Griffiths is fed up with being treated like she’s fragile. Sure, she spent a couple of decades dealing with chronic illness, but she’s ready to grab life by the horns… if only people like Jack Farrelly would stop trying to ‘protect’ her.

For years, the gorgeous adventure guide never noticed her. After a stolen kiss, she thought that had changed, but her hopes quickly went up in smoke. Unfortunately, she needs his help if she wants to keep a promise to a friend who passed away.

Jack is grumpy and distant, but the more time they spend together, the more she realizes it’s all a façade. The real Jack is a raw, heartbroken mess. She’s falling for him, but he’s determined not to open his heart again.

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Safe In His Arms (Haven Bay 3)

She’s running for her life. He’s hiding from his past. When the two collide, can they emerge with their hearts intact?

Fleeing from her violent ex, Megan Talbot arrives in the small beachside town of Haven Bay bloody and bruised. All she wants is a refuge, but her would-be rescuer, brooding and tattooed Tione, clearly thinks she’s trouble.

Despite his distrust, she can’t seem to stay away from him. His warm eyes and gentleness with his four rescue dogs make her feel things she hasn’t in a long time, but she can’t afford to let her guard down. Not when her ex is on her trail.

When her past catches up to her, she discovers that she isn’t the only one with secrets, and now everything—including her life—hangs in the balance.

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If Only You Knew (Haven Bay 4)

She left her ex and had his baby in secret. Now her ex’s sexy brother is her new boss, and he wants answers. But he might just steal her heart, too.

Single mother Bex Cane’s life is turned upside down when she discovers that her ex’s brother has moved to her hometown… and is her boss. Michael used to be one of her closest friends, but now he’s the guy who could destroy everything she’s worked so hard for.

As soon as Michael meets Bex’s daughter, Izzy, it’s clear he’s noticed the family resemblance. Bex wants to hate him for interfering. Unfortunately, Michael is so smitten with Izzy that he’s impossible to dislike, and he stirs up emotions she never expected to feel for him.

Can Bex resist her newfound attraction to Michael? When her ex arrives in town, will their budding relationship survive?

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Pretend to Be Yours (Haven Bay 5)

Faith needs a fake boyfriend. Sexy single dad Shane fits the bill, but she can’t help wanting him for real.

Faith St. John is mortified when her matchmaking parents turn up in her small town with a blind date in tow. To make matters worse, her high school sweetheart—who broke her heart and her ego—is trying to push her into giving him another chance.

To convince everyone she has her love life under control, she claims to be dating Shane Walker, the gorgeous local teacher. The trouble is, she’s had a crush on Shane for years, and when he goes along with her plan, it’s hard to remember that their kisses are only for show.

It doesn’t help that Shane’s son isn’t interested in having a stepmother, and his ex is determined to get him back. Can Shane and Faith overcome the odds to find love?               

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Begin Again With You (Haven Bay 6)

She’s the ex-wife of a con man. He’s the hunky librarian she once rejected. Sparks fly when he becomes her boss, but can they put the past behind them to try again?

​​​​​​​Jobless and homeless, Charity St. John is forced to return to her small hometown with her tail between her legs. Years have passed since the scandal that blew her glamorous life apart, but no one in Haven Bay has forgotten… or forgiven.

Unfortunately, her new boss, Kyle Pride, is the guy she publicly shot down in high school. To make matters worse, he grew into a gorgeous and thoughtful man, but he wants nothing to do with her.

Charity is determined to prove she’s worthy of a second chance with Kyle, but how can they build a future together when the shadow of their past lingers? 

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Let Me Love You (Haven Bay 7)

She’s broken-hearted. He’s just broken. When they become temporary neighbors, will they be able to heal together?

Mikayla Talbot has been in love with her boss for years, but when she humiliates herself in front of him—and his brand new fiancé—she flees to Haven Bay to lick her wounds.

When Mikayla is asked to check on her new neighbor, she has no idea he’s Anderson Gray, former Hollywood Heartthrob—nor does she particularly care. He’s grumpy, standoffish, and clearly needs a friend as badly as she does, but he seems determined to push her away.

She never expects the feelings that grow between them or how Gray makes her rethink everything. But her confidence has been knocked, and he doesn’t seem to believe he has anything to offer. Can these two cautious hearts risk it all for love?               

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Never Saw You Coming (Haven Bay 8)

Whoever said getting pregnant to the town playboy was a good idea… they were wrong.

Gabrielle Walker’s world implodes when she discovers that her boyfriend is engaged to another woman. In need of a change, she uproots her life and moves to Haven Bay, hoping to mend her broken heart.

But there’s no small town love story for her. Instead, a night of passion with playboy bartender Logan Pride—her brother’s friend—results in a positive pregnancy test and no white picket fence in sight.

Logan doesn’t want children, but now he’ll have to choose between following in the footsteps of his no-good absentee father or putting his lonely heart on the line.

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