Then There Was You (Haven Bay 1)

Love was never part of the plan… Then There Was You…

After struggling as a teen to support his ill mother, Sterling Knight understands the value of hard work and financial stability. It’s made him a workaholic, and he’s determined to prove himself by ensuring his company’s next project—a resort in the small seaside town of Haven Bay—is a huge success. He’s found the perfect piece of land. Now all he has to do is convince the stubborn (and distractingly beautiful) owner to sell.

Katarina Hopa has no intention of ever selling her property to some corporate suit. That land and the house on it are her sanctuary and all she has left. But Sterling stirs feelings and desires she thought she’d buried with her husband long ago. Ignoring their intense attraction is impossible. All she can do now is guard her heart against the devastation that will happen when everything falls apart. And it will fall apart. Because surely, no one gets a second chance at true love…right?

Can Katarina and Sterling overcome the pain of their tragic pasts and clear a path to happily ever after? Or will fear keep them apart forever?

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Two of a Kind (Haven Bay 2)

After a lifetime of being held back by illness, blogger Brooke Griffiths is finally healthy enough to pursue her dream of hiking to Mt Everest base camp. The first step in her plan is convincing professional adventurer Jack Farrelly to help her prepare. Only, they exchanged a mind-blowing kiss weeks ago, and he never called, which in a town the size of Haven Bay, is downright awkward. All she has to do is put her pride aside to achieve her goal. Should be easy—right?

Jack Farrelly dated a woman in the public eye before, and he doesn’t care to repeat the experience, no matter how tempting Brooke is.  Though the instructor in him wants to help her get ready to hike Mt Everest, he thinks she’s better off setting her sights a little lower. But denying her proves impossible—both professionally and personally—and before long, he’s in deeper than he ever imagined possible.

When old wounds are reopened, can Brooke and Jack overcome the pain of their pasts and take a chance on love? Or will they let the fear of being hurt keep them apart?

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Safe in his arms (Haven Bay 3)

She’s running for her life. He’s hiding from his past. When the two collide, can they emerge with their hearts intact?

When Megan Talbot flees her violent ex, she seeks refuge in the charming beachside town of Haven Bay. The kind-hearted locals are happy to help her recuperate without interfering—all except brooding, tattooed Tione. He’s made it clear he thinks she’s trouble, but she despite his distrust, she can’t seem to stay away from him. After all, who could resist a bearded hulk whose life is dictated by his four rescue dogs?

Tione Kingi just wants to be left alone. After his life in Silicon Valley imploded, he returned home to New Zealand and reinvented himself. Now, he has a few close friends, a simple job, and a cabin on the edge of the forest. He doesn’t need a pretty woman with haunted eyes turning him inside out with her every hard-won smile, and he especially doesn’t need whatever problems are following close on her heels.

The more time they spend together, the harder it is for Tione to deny the feelings growing between them. But Megan isn’t the only one with secrets, and when their pasts catch up with them, everything—including her life—hangs in the balance.

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