Then There Was You (Haven Bay 1)

Love was never part of the plan… Then There Was You…

When Katarina Hopa lost her husband, her B&B in the beachside town of Haven Bay became her sanctuary. With every room she renovated, she pieced herself back together too. Now, her home is all she has left, and she won’t let some soulless corporation take it from her. Not even when they send a corporate suit as intriguing as Sterling Knight.

Behind Sterling’s shadowed eyes, handsome face and distant manner, she glimpses vulnerability and a simmering desire that stirs feelings she thought she’d buried years ago. When they succumb to their attraction, all she can do is guard her heart against the devastation that will come when everything falls apart. And it will fall apart. Because surely no one gets a second chance at true love…right?

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Two of a Kind (Haven Bay 2)

He’s a professional adventurer. Her only adventures have been between the pages of her favorite novels. When they share a mind-blowing kiss, will these polar opposites fizzle or combust?

After a lifetime of being held back by illness, blogger Brooke Griffiths is finally healthy enough to pursue her dream of hiking to Mt Everest base camp. The first step in her plan is convincing rugged Jack Farrelly to help her prepare. Only, they exchanged an incredible kiss weeks ago, and he never called, which in a town the size of Haven Bay, is downright awkward. All she has to do is put her pride aside to achieve her goal. Should be easy—right?

Before long, she realizes that Jack believes she’s in over her head, and she’s determined to meet every challenge he throws her way. But with each clash of wills, she falls deeper for the gruff outdoorsman and his wounded heart.

When old scars are reopened, can Brooke and Jack overcome the pain of their pasts and take a chance on love?

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Safe in his arms (Haven Bay 3)

She’s running for her life. He’s hiding from his past. When the two collide, can they emerge with their hearts intact.

Fleeing from her violent ex, Megan Talbot seeks refuge in the charming beachside town of Haven Bay. The kind-hearted locals are happy to help her recuperate without interfering—all except brooding, tattooed Tione, the cook at the B&B where she’s staying. He’s made it clear he thinks she’s trouble, but despite his distrust, she can’t seem to stay away from him. After all, who could resist a bearded hulk whose life is dictated by his four rescue dogs?

When Tione protects her from the danger following close on her heels, he becomes her safe place. A surprising bond forms over shared recipes and hard-won smiles, and grows into a slow-simmering attraction. But Megan isn’t the only one with secrets, and when their pasts catch up with them, everything—including her life—hangs in the balance.

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If Only You Knew (Haven Bay 4)

Five years ago, she left her ex and gave birth in secret. Now her ex’s sexy brother has moved to town, and he wants answers. But he might just steal her heart, too.

Single mother Bex Cane doesn’t have time for love. It’s hard enough managing three jobs and her precocious five-year-old daughter Izzy. Fortunately, she has all the support she needs from her friends and family in Haven Bay. A man would only complicate things. But when her ex’s brother moves to the area and discovers the truth about Izzy, he throws Bex’s life into a tailspin.

Michael Briggston never thought he’d see Bex again. Not after she dumped his brother and walked out of their lives. Considering how close he’d come to making a fool of himself by proclaiming his love for her when she was unavailable, he’d been happy to see the end of temptation. But now she’s back in his life, and he can’t help noticing that her daughter looks an awful lot like his brother. He’ll get to the bottom of the mystery—even if it stirs feelings he’d thought long dead.

Despite their history, Bex and Michael can’t resist the spark between them. But when Michael’s brother arrives in the bay, can their unexpected passion survive?

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