Then There Was You (Haven Bay 1)

Love was never part of the plan… Then There Was You…

Sterling Knight understands the value of hard work and financial stability better than anyone. His past certainly taught him that. So he’s determined to prove himself at work by ensuring that his company’s next project—a resort in the small seaside town of Haven Bay—is a huge success. He’s found the perfect piece of land. Now all he has to do is convince the stubborn (and distractingly beautiful) owner to sell.

Katarina Hopa has no intention of ever selling her land to some corporate suit. That land, her sanctuary, is all she has left. But there’s something about Sterling that stirs feelings and desires she thought she’d buried with her husband long ago. Ignoring their intense attraction is impossible. All she can do now is guard her heart against the devastation that’ll happen when everything falls apart. And it will fall apart. Because surely no one gets a second chance at true love… right?

Can Katarina and Sterling overcome the pain of their tragic pasts and clear a path to happily ever after? Or will they let fear keep them apart forever?


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