The King (King’s Security 1)

I’ve loved Ronan King for years, but the billionaire security mogul has every reason to hate me for the losses he’s suffered at my family’s hands.

Yet when I’m in danger, Ronan is the one who comes to my rescue. He whisks me off to his penthouse and swears to protect me.

I finally have a chance with the man I’ve always wanted. But with a sinister enemy closing in, can I stay alive for long enough to keep him?

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The Veteran (King’s Security 2)

My home is trashed, my roommate is dead, and the police seem to think I was the intended target. No one should have a grudge against a meditation-loving yoga teacher, but factor in my bank-robbing father’s missing fortune, and things get sticky.

Now, gruff giant Kade Campbell is determined to protect me. The rugged former special forces soldier may be a badass—and able to give me butterflies like nobody’s business—but I don’t want him putting himself in danger for my sake.

The last eight years have been a lesson in collateral damage, and Kade’s life isn’t a price I’m willing to pay for my own safety. But he’s just as stubborn as I am, and soon our lives aren’t the only things on the line—our hearts are too.

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