The King (King’s Security 1)

Former heiress Willow Lennox is all that stands in the way of billionaire security mogul Ronan King getting revenge against her brother.

My late father’s legacy means everything to me, and now it’s teetering on the edge of collapse. Not only is our family company in dire financial straits, but Ronan King, my brother’s sworn enemy, is circling like a shark, ready to steal it out from under us.

To make matters worse, someone is stalking me, and I’m afraid they might become dangerous. Despite our differences, Ronan says he wants to protect me, but how can I possibly trust him when he plans to destroy everything I hold dear?

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The Veteran (King’s Security 2)

My home is trashed, my roommate is dead, and the police think I was the intended target.

No one should have a grudge against a meditation-loving yoga teacher, but my bank-robbing father’s associates seem to believe that I know where he hid his missing fortune… and they’ll do anything to get their hands on it.

Gruff giant Kade Campbell is determined to protect me, but I don’t want him in the firing line. The rugged former special forces soldier may be a badass—and able to give me butterflies like nobody’s business—but he isn’t immune to bullets.

I’ve lost almost everyone I’ve ever cared about, and Kade’s life isn’t a price I’m willing to pay for my own safety. But he’s just as stubborn as I am, and soon our lives aren’t the only things on the line—our hearts are too.

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The Spy (King’s Security 3)

I don’t trust former spy Zeke Watts, but I’ll have to swallow my pride and ask him for help before I’m arrested for a crime I didn’t commit.

I was forced to leave my job in the art world when I was falsely accused of stealing from my boss. When another priceless painting goes missing under similar circumstances, the police think they know exactly who to blame. 

But this time around, I have one of the world’s most powerful security companies at my back—even if that includes the incredibly infuriating Zeke. To clear my name, I’ll have to play along with his games, even though my gut tells me it’s foolish to rely on him.

Before long, I realize Zeke may not be as reckless as I’ve always thought, but I can’t allow my attraction to him to distract me. If we don’t track down the real thief, I could end up behind bars.