Accidentally Yours (Little Sky Romance 1)

He’s big-city successful. She’s small-town sweet. But thanks to one reckless night of passion, these opposites are about to become family.

With her professional reputation in tatters, journalist Aria Simons needs to get back on track. A promotion at her local paper is just the way to do it. She can’t afford distractions—especially not handsome ones like Eli Lockwood. But his plans for a development in her idyllic hometown might be exactly the scoop she’s seeking.

Eli never expected to end up stuck in a tiny lakeside town in the middle of nowhere with his rebellious teen sister. Unfortunately, the only person who can connect with the girl is a reporter looking for an exclusive. They strike a deal, but it doesn’t take long before he can’t get the vivacious woman out of his mind.

When one hot night at the beach has lasting consequences, will Aria fight for her ready-made family, or will Eli’s empty childhood make him shut her out…for her own good?

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From Now Until Forever (Little Sky Romance 2)

She’s trusted the wrong man too many times. But when she starts a fling with her best friend’s playboy brother, she knows exactly what she’s getting into…right?

Sophie Delaware has chronically bad taste in men. After another disastrous relationship implodes, she’s ready to give up on love. What she needs is a little fun, with no strings attached, and she knows the perfect guy for the job. 

Cooper hasn’t had a serious relationship since he returned from military service. He wears his serial dater persona like a cloak and doesn’t speak of the nightmares that plague him. When Sophie proposes two weeks of unadulterated pleasure, he knows he shouldn’t agree, but his little sister’s best friend grew up to be more tempting than he expected. 

Before Sophie knows it, Cooper has taken it upon himself to be her one-man support system. He was supposed to be a fling, but there’s more to the dreamy veteran than meets the eye, and now she’s at risk of losing her heart. When it comes time for their affair to end, will she be brave enough to put everything on the line, or will her past get in the way of happily ever after?

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It Was Always You (Little Sky Romance 3)

When Avery’s high school sweetheart is assigned to protect her from a killer, will she decide their love is worth a second chance?

The first heartbreak cuts the deepest. Dr. Avery Brown learned that lesson the hard way, but she’s not the same naïve, disillusioned girl she used to be. She’s older, wiser, and too busy revolutionizing forensic science to indulge in ‘what ifs’.

Sergeant Gareth Wayland never got over his first love. When her laboratory is vandalized and her house is burned to the ground, he’s determined to protect her. If only he could stop being distracted by her rare smile and nimble mind.

With every passing day, the lingering attraction becomes harder to resist, and the memories of the past reawaken long dormant emotions. But can Avery trust Gareth—and love—enough to risk her heart for the second time?

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Dreaming of You (Little Sky Romance 4)

She thinks she’s too broken for happily-ever-after, but a chance encounter makes her wonder if love can heal her wounded heart…

Clarissa Mitchell may spend her days with blushing brides, but that doesn’t mean she wants to be one. After an incident in her teens scared her off men, she’s more than happy to accept that love just isn’t in the cards for her. She has good friends, a job she loves, and a harmless cyber crush—what else could a girl need?

Mark Talbot isn’t looking for love, either. Watching his father die young from a condition that might be hereditary cured him of any romantic notions. But when his mother’s impending wedding brings the beautiful and inscrutable Clarissa into his life, he begins to wonder if maybe love isn’t as out of reach as he’d always assumed.

With the help of friends, and a romantic trip to an idyllic lakeside town, can Clarissa overcome her painful past to take a shot at happily ever after?

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Midnight Kisses (Little Sky Romance Novella 1)

He’s big, grumpy, and nursing a wounded heart. She’s the smitten small-town sweetheart. After years of waiting, it’s finally her time to make a move.

Emily Parker has loved Justin Simons from afar for as long as she can remember. Even his being engaged to her high school nemesis didn’t stop her from yearning for him. But everything is different now. The other woman is out of the picture, and she’s finally ready to make a move on the only man she’s ever wanted. Surely she can convince the sexy, stubborn grouch to open up his wounded heart once more, right?

The last thing Justin wants is love. He’s been down that road before and has the emotional scars to prove it. The invite to his ex’s wedding? Salt in the wound. But thankfully Emily is willing to be his plus one and help him prove that he’s finally over his broken engagement. Now all he’ll have to do is ignore his overwhelming attraction to the gorgeous woman who seems so determined to bring sunshine and joy into his life.

Can Emily convince broody Justin that love is worth the risk? Or will he let happiness—and Emily—slip through his fingers?

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Second Chance Christmas (Little Sky Romance Novella 2)

Will a flighty free-spirit and a rugged Irish bartender have their second chance at love this festive season?

Evie Parata breezed out of her small town as a teenager to see the world and never looked back. But lately, the years of constant motion have weighed on her, and with her first Christmas without her mother approaching, she’s lonelier than ever. Going home to regroup seemed like a great plan. Getting stranded outside her ex’s bar? Not so much.

While Davy O’Connor is willing to invite Evie into his home, falling for her is another matter entirely. He’s been there, done that, and has the emotional scars to prove it. But despite his best intentions, he can’t seem to keep his heart—or his hands—to himself, which will surely be a problem when she skips town. Again.

With lingering feelings, and a few new ones, can they overcome their painful past to take a second chance at love? Or are they destined to go their separate ways when Christmas ends?

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