Accidentally Yours (Little Sky Romance 1)

A disgraced reporter. A CEO who hates the press. One night of passion with lasting consequences.

When journalist Aria Simons’s career went up in flames, she retreated to her lakeside hometown. Now, she’s determined to redeem herself by getting the scoop on Eli Lockwood’s new property development, but the arrogant millionaire seems hellbent on stopping her.

That is, until he realizes she’s the only one who can connect with his troubled sister. They strike a deal, but they didn’t anticipate the explosive chemistry between them, or that their truce would end with a positive pregnancy test.

Eli never wanted to be a parent, and Aria is scrambling to get her life together. Can this ready-made family pull through…or will they fall apart?

If you loved the charm of Virgin River and the dysfunctional dynamic of Schitts Creek, then ACCIDENTALLY YOURS is for you.

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From Now Until Forever (Little Sky Romance 2)

Being unlucky in love is bad enough, but starting a rebound fling with her best friend’s brother can only end in disaster.

After breaking up with yet another cheating boyfriend, Sophie Delaware is ready to give up on love. Especially when the only man to catch her interest is the town’s most notorious playboy.

Sophie knows Cooper Simons will never commit to a relationship. The military veteran has charmed the pants off half the women in town, but he never lets any of them close enough to see the man behind his charismatic façade.

A little no-strings-attached fun might be exactly what Sophie needs to get out of a slump, and she’d never be foolish enough to fall for Cooper, right?

If you loved the drama of Virgin River and the charm of Hart of Dixie, then From Now Until Forever is your next addicting read.

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It Was Always You (Little Sky Romance 3)

When scientist Avery’s life is endangered, her cop ex is assigned to protect her from a killer.

Dr. Avery Brown is developing a tool that could help put criminals behind bars, but someone is determined to stop her. When her laboratory is trashed and her house is burned to the ground, the police assign Gareth Wayland—her ex—to protect her.

Avery has kept her distance from the gorgeous sergeant for years, but now that they’re forced together, unwanted feelings resurface. She’s never loved anyone the way she did Gareth, but she’s never had her heart broken so badly either.

With reawakened attraction simmering between them and a killer drawing closer, will Avery be able to keep herself—and her heart—safe?

If you loved the drama of Virgin River and the intrigue of Ginny & Georgia, then IT WAS ALWAYS YOU is your next addictive read.

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Dreaming of You (Little Sky Romance 4)

Clarissa doesn’t believe in happily ever after but reformed playboy Mark is determined to change her mind.

Clarissa Mitchell spends her days with blushing brides, but thanks to a traumatic encounter in her past, she’s not interested in finding a man of her own. She’s content with a harmless cyber crush… until he turns up in her boutique, shopping for a wedding dress.

Mark Talbot watched his mother’s heart break when she lost his father. Now, he’s wary of love. But Clarissa captivates him and makes him want more than he thinks he has to offer.

Can Clarissa and Mark overcome their painful pasts to put it all on the line for love, or will they let fear ruin their best chance at happiness?

If you loved the drama of Virgin River and adore the charm of Hallmark movies (with a bit more steam), then DREAMING OF YOU is your next addictive read.

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Midnight Kisses (Little Sky Romance Novella 1)

He’s big, grumpy, and nursing a wounded heart. She’s the smitten small-town sweetheart. After years of waiting, it’s finally her time to make a move.

Emily Parker has loved Justin Simons from afar for as long as she can remember. Even his being engaged to her high school nemesis didn’t stop her from yearning for him. But everything is different now. The other woman is out of the picture, and she’s finally ready to make a move on the only man she’s ever wanted. Surely she can convince the sexy, stubborn grouch to open up his wounded heart once more, right?

The last thing Justin wants is love. He’s been down that road before and has the emotional scars to prove it. The invite to his ex’s wedding? Salt in the wound. But thankfully Emily is willing to be his plus one and help him prove that he’s finally over his broken engagement. Now all he’ll have to do is ignore his overwhelming attraction to the gorgeous woman who seems so determined to bring sunshine and joy into his life.

Can Emily convince broody Justin that love is worth the risk? Or will he let happiness—and Emily—slip through his fingers?

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Second Chance Christmas (Little Sky Romance Novella 2)

Will a flighty free-spirit and a rugged Irish bartender have their second chance at love this festive season?

Evie Parata breezed out of her small town as a teenager to see the world and never looked back. But lately, the years of constant motion have weighed on her, and with her first Christmas without her mother approaching, she’s lonelier than ever. Going home to regroup seemed like a great plan. Getting stranded outside her ex’s bar? Not so much.

While Davy O’Connor is willing to invite Evie into his home, falling for her is another matter entirely. He’s been there, done that, and has the emotional scars to prove it. But despite his best intentions, he can’t seem to keep his heart—or his hands—to himself, which will surely be a problem when she skips town. Again.

With lingering feelings, and a few new ones, can they overcome their painful past to take a second chance at love? Or are they destined to go their separate ways when Christmas ends?

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